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Decorate what he did before?

Got a new house keys or are about to get a new key, you must have started before the renovation work. Is it can't catch a clue, I do not know where to start OK? Preparations for the first thing you need to do the following:

1, a plan: you must have very high expectations of our new home decoration, finally purchased new home, be sure to decorate beautiful, comfortable, stylish, which is understandable, of course. However, the home is a complex integrated system, your expectation is limited by many objective conditions, the end result is not always perfect, you must be prepared in this regard.

2,   capital reserve: according to your financial ability, and reference to the new size, planned level of decoration, decoration projects envisaged, ready to purchase home appliances and so on, prepared with adequate funding. Once the renovation construction begins, will require continued capital investment, funding shortfalls will seriously affect the construction schedule. Funds to prepare your abilities, compare your life to avoid wind and severe cost overruns.

3,   knowledge: decoration decoration company before, communicating with neighbors, asking friends and relatives that have been renovated, participate in home consultation, participation in the home improvement classes and so on, the purpose of which is to prepare for home improvement knowledge. To know how to decorate, then new home decorating, this is the principle of knowledge.

4,   construction conditions to prepare: decorating your new home before construction should have the basic conditions, which you can contact the property management sector, their solution for you.   


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