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Design what's included

1, space to reorganize--converge, transition and contrast

2, space interface-the wall, ground, roof structures and surface finishing, colors and echo each other, construction technology and requirement. Design basis is often said that the renovation project.

3, built-in design – furniture, decorative structures, decorative embellishment, special components design, including materials used, details, technology, special materials, construction requirements, and so on. That is often said that the decoration project design, the key points of the entire home design.

4, sound environment design-indoor noise, audio-visual requirements based on the acoustic principles for processing.

5, light environment design-indoor lighting, lighting and decorative effect is taken into account and meet the needs of use and decorative Double.

6, thermal environment design-indoor thermal insulation, heat insulation, air flows taken together, creating a comfortable indoor climate.

home improvement home improvement budget is an important part of the design.


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