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Designer ring

the first:

not to copy other's creative work, regardless of circumstances;

article II:

not to rely on computer technology, remember that you are a designer, not a computer graphic;

article III:

is not a fashion-follower because a trendy style today would become an out-dated;

fourth section:

10% the energies involved in ten for each design discipline, instead of the 100% of the energy involved in a discipline;

article fifth:

works themselves considered that the problem may not be released to the public;


commercial project not to lower prices, and lower requirements for works


not by subjective evaluation of a work created by others; nor just replicate

eighth article:

not in touch with reality; understand the history, philosophy and the humanities, will be good for your work;


whether a novice, keep a novice;

article tenth

always believe that design can save your country, you can change the world.


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