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"European Cup" decoration and culture Festival

&Nbsp;   2010 on September 12, organizations or institutions from Guangdong's Europe China Institute of building interiors design, China Association of Feng Shui, the Chinese Association of environmental protection and other prestige institutions at the "European Cup Home civilization" the that Shaoxing region of "European civilization Cup international furniture Festival" launching ceremony held in Shaoxing international hotel guest room on the third floor and happy. &Nbsp;

     This activity Shaoxing, European Regional Manager, Spike activity, Feng Shui talks and draw four links. Ceremony beginning, European region of Shaoxing Rong Bangyi, General Manager of the civilization concept, European groups of course, European environmental protection products and instructions about the planning of the future, let guests learn the present belongs to the European style. Special invited prominent Chinese metaphysics company giants, Kunming book exploring would cut Mr Yi Chuan, President of the guests gave a lively and interesting lectures and practice of Feng Shui Feng Shui questions FAQ for a long time, interpretation of Feng Shui in home design, brought the most prestigious home Feng Shui knowledge for Shaoxing people. This event not only brings guest speakers coming from Europe to send messages and home knowledge also allows guests full of surprises and back. The whole event up the guests with or without make up, we have learnt, both won prizes, or home made knowledge. Plenty of European companies "  love   Europe" concept into the activities, Shaoxing, into public life.

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