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Green building is not equal to the Green decoration

Consumers to normal building materials market, is in line with the national standard of decoration materials, formal decoration company, spending the price of high-grade decoration, but finished later, pretend to find a dirty House. Where is the problem? &Nbsp; 

   green building materials are not entirely pollution;

     song Guangsheng, Director of the China indoor environment monitoring Committee explained that,  green building materials and conform to national requirements are not completely free of pollution. SEPA implementation organized by the China Certification Committee for environmental labelling products green products of third parties "the ten rings" certification, began China's green building certification. In 2002, the national post and enforce the 10 criteria of the indoor decorating and refurbishing materials-limitations of harmful substances. However, in the current production levels and conditions, determine the limit of harmful substances of decoration materials, is not entirely free from harmful substances, but minimum standards for control of hazardous substances in value or less. Moreover, markets are falsely and substandard materials.   

design and construction of    links to pollution prevention;

     song Guangsheng said pollution alone is material for decoration, decoration pollution prevention should pay attention to two aspects.   

     first link: in renovation design to indoor environmental awareness. When the family decoration design, should pay attention to three aspects: 1 rational calculation of housing space capacity. Due to the variety of decorative materials currently on the market are releasing harmful gases, even if it is in line with national standards for indoor decorating and refurbishing materials-limitations of harmful substances in materials, in a certain amount of interior space will result in harmful substances in the indoor air standard conditions. 2, use with a variety of decorative materials. Especially the flooring it is best not to use a single material, because surface materials used in the interior decoration materials larger than, if you select a single material will result in certain kinds of harmful substances in the indoor air standard. 3, indoor furniture and other decoration pollution to stay well in advance.   

     second link: decoration construction should pay attention to two aspects. 1, floor issues. Solid wood flooring and laminate flooring construction technology of pavement below liner is a traditional, but now as a result of this process of indoor environmental pollution caused by widespread, paved on the floor below the main causes of plate and other plywood contain formaldehyde, cannot be closed and ventilation. 2, wall finishing problems. According to specifications, walls finishing works, primary processing, brushing agent to prevent peeling or cracking of the wall, but some construction workers using brushing lacquer for the grass-roots level of the process, and most of the low quality varnish is chosen, in brushing time and added a lot of diluent, inadvertently caused serious benzene indoor pollution.   

choose the three types of materials   

     decoration material variety, variety, we choose must be strictly in accordance with national standards. And should focus on the following three types of decoration materials of choice:   

     stone tile category. Pay attention to radioactive contamination of the material, especially some natural stones such as granite, radioactive level is higher, choose should be strictly in accordance with the standards set by the State, if the dealer does not detect or consumers do not trust the report, or you can take a sample to the indoor environment testing unit for radiation detection.   

     varnish gums paint, furniture paint, wall paint and adhesives used in the decoration, this type of material is a major source of benzene in indoor air pollution, greater problems in the market, and consumers to the best manufacturers set up shop to purchase or choose not to-and waterborne materials.   

     artificial Board classes, such as laminate flooring, panels, plywood and MDF. This is a major source of indoor formaldehyde pollution. Formaldehyde elimination agent for all the best before the decoration of plates for the Elimination of harmful substances.


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