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Interior decoration on your way home

Many consumers bought a House, and received after the new House to renovate. But in the face of all the decorating home improvement companies, half bags, clear bag, many

consumers do not know what to choose. Therefore, the reporter interviewed Zhou h zhongce decoration company Designer.

Zhou h, consumers select the clear bag, half a package is all inclusive, in accordance with their own characteristics have been determined. Clear bag, Pack, all these three kinds of decoration methods have different characteristics,

clear even if cumbersome, but can reduce renovation expenses and decoration material quality control itself; all worry and effort, but the decoration

information is not necessarily the whole heart; half a pack is somewhere in between, even though due to participation in the acquisition of decoration materials in the renovation process was painstaking, but make install

lower repair costs, decoration quality of the information also allows consumers to worry about.

cleaning package: owner must know

Select the clear packaging, owners should have a certain amount of their spare time, understanding of the decoration, especially for decorating materials to have a certain understanding, so that

competence be busy and not tired, talent really save money. Said Zhou h, clear from the point of view of financial management is the most cost-effective, but onerous levels are highest. Request consumers since Qing dynasty

acquisition of all decoration materials, only construction and decoration companies. Clear strengths a lot, for example decorating materials quality control itself, information costs can be

lose control, also prevents repair companies earn fees. But consumers must know, won't spend money when buying information. Due to the General strength of the public

Secretary did not want to undertake the clearing business, consumers are harder to find willing to clear business home improvement company.

together, to make sure that all the links in the construction contract, determined by the construction decoration design, to prevent the new amendments in the renovation process in case of delay

durations. Owners should also be used to communicate with the workers insisted on, and do the marketing tasks of the information early. In addition, when you engage the services of the construction team, as far as possible to prevent the road loaded

teams can't lose quality assurance or decoration. Decoration materials sales, industry important to shop around, especially on the wires, taps, electrical switch resistance

products, and products of high environmental requirements such as glue, paint, try to track the building materials supermarket purchases, quality talent enough to lose the guarantee.

Pack: grasping the main material is the key

semi-market local repair information packet is defined by consumers, served as construction decoration company, also served as the marketing of local information. This way you can let the owners peace of mind

a lot, and can also save local costs.

Zhou h said, half a packet of decoration is the Guiyang, a way for consumers to choose up. On the working class, weekend time sell locally important information

and reducing information costs. Sell little consumers to serve as the main material and key local information, such as flooring, tile, light fixtures, wood, paint and water pipes, hoses

head, wire, switch panel, cement, sand, bricks, wire and tube, nails and other accessories to be delegated to the decoration company marketing.

Select package consumers a bit more layman, has some repair experience you can. After renovation experience, and usually have no leisure time, suitable for

half way.

all inclusive: should think well before signing the contract

full package decoration, all selling and construction of all the decoration company. This convenient, consumers can feel at ease to do "shuaishouzhanggui", but does not


said Zhou h, select consumers, most of the task means a full kick and don't know anything about decoration. Full package decoration cost high as many repair company will adopt

purchased information as a way to profit. Consumers to choose all inclusive way, think carefully have signed contracts. First of all, is to decide on a design,

no correction in the decoration process, in case of delay period; the second is signed must be careful, as the main material must indicate the make, model, color, and so on, to

ensure the quality of the information; in addition, the renovation process to appropriate site monitoring, maybe whole-process supervision supervision personnel.


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