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Ningbo Interior management approach

Chapter I General provisions  

first to enhance interior decoration of housing management, ensure that the decoration project quality and safety, safeguard public safety and the public interest, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations are formulated.

article in urban residential interior decoration activities, implementation of the monitoring of indoor decoration event management, you should abide by this method.

residential interior decoration to in this method, refers to the housing of completion after passing the owners perhaps residential use (hereinafter referred to as the decoration people) imposed on residential interior decoration and construction activities.

article III indoor decoration of the House ought to ensure project quality and safety, which coincide with the project to establish compulsory specifications.

fourth establishment of administrative departments under the State Council held the national indoor decoration event management tasks.

provincial, autonomous regional people's Government the establishment of executive authority within their respective administrative areas indoor decoration event management tasks.

municipal, city and County real estate executive authorities within their respective administrative areas of indoor decoration event management tasks.

Chapter II general rules

fifth residential interior decoration activity against the following acts:

(a) without the original designer probably has a corresponding level of qualification of design unit design, construction of the subject and the load-bearing structures;

(b) will have no waterproof requested room or kitchen to bathroom, a balcony;

(c) the extension of original door and window size on the bearing wall, brick and concrete walls of the balconies removed cohesion;

(d) damage to house the original energy-saving equipment, reduce energy;

(e) other construction structures and application of safe behavior.

construction subject to in this method, refers to the construction of the tectonic structure of the entity, including roofs, floors, beams, columns, supporting, wall, connection joints and Foundation.

load-bearing structure mentioned in this method refers to itself indirectly weight with various external forces piecemeal transfer to the bedrock foundation of important structural component and its interface points, including load-bearing walls, vertical poles, columns, frames, columns, piers, floors, beams, trusses, cables, etc.

sixth renovation in residential interior decoration activities, without consent, and shall not be any of the following acts:

(a) building construction and structures;

(b) changes to residential facades, in non-load-bearing wall doors and Windows;

(c) demolition heating pipes and equipment;

(d) the demolition gas pipelines and equipment.

listed in this section (a), (b) the Act ought to be agreed by the Administrative Department for urban planning; (c) the Act, ought to be approved by the heating unit; (iv) the Act ought to be agreed by the gas control unit.

seventh residential interior decoration beyond the design specifications or standard floor load growth, deserved probably has a corresponding level of qualification of the original design unit design unit design.

article eighth toilet, kitchen waterproof layer of alteration, ought to be based on waterproof construction scheme of norm-setting and closed water test.

Nineth decorated by original design unit may have a corresponding qualification design units proposed design changes to build and load-bearing structures, perhaps decoration hitting sixth, seventh, eighth, must delegate has a corresponding qualification of decoration enterprises bear.

article tenth decoration enterprises must be established according to the project forced specifications and other skills, standardize construction, not to cut corners, and ensure the quality of decoration works.

11th indoor decoration decoration company engaged in residential activity, must abide by the construction of safe operating procedures, pursuant to rule take the necessary safety protection and fire-fighting measures, not allowed to use an open flame and the welding operation, ensure that the operating personnel in and around the home and wealth of peace.

12th renovation and decoration company engaged in residential interior decoration activities, allowed to occupy public spaces, or prejudice the public parts and equipment.

Chapter III started reporting and monitoring

13th decoration in residential interior decoration project for the former, you should advise property management companies may Housing Authority (hereinafter referred to as property management unit) Declaration of cancellation.

non-owners of residential use imposed on residential indoor decoration, you should obtain the written consent of the owners.

article 14th Declaration of cancellation one should submit the following information:

(a) the House of e (prove their legitimate rights and interests of useful documents);

(b) the claimant identity documents;

(c) the programme of decoration;

(d) the construction of the main load-bearing structure, required to provide original design unit design unit designs with corresponding qualification programs;

(v) hit the sixth Act, required approval from the authorities, reached the seventh, eighth, needed to submit design construction plan;

(f) delegate construction decoration enterprises, the need for coherent copy of the certificate of the enterprise.

non-residential use of the owners who will provide the owners agreed with decoration and confirmed in writing.

15th property management unit should have will indoor decoration works to stop and note informed renovation and decoration authorized by decoration companies.

before decorating decoration on residential implemented, you should inform the neighborhood.

16th decoration and fitment and decoration enterprises, ought to be signed with the property management unit of interior decoration and management service agreements.

interior decoration of housing management service agreements should include the following:

(a) the purposes of decoration and fitment engineering content;

(b) the decoration project implementation deadline;

(c) allow the construction time;

(d) the removal and disposal of waste;

(e) residential exterior equipment and anti-theft device request window;

(vi) Suppression of acts and matters needing attention;

(g) management service fees;

(VIII) liability for breach;

(IX) other matters agreed by the demand.

17th article property management units deserve according to residential indoor decorative decoration management service agreement purposes management, found decoration people may decorative decoration enterprise has this method fifth article behavior of, may without about sector agreed purposes this method sixth article by column behavior of, may has against this method seventh article, and eighth article, and Nineth article rules behavior of, deserve immediately stop; has formed reality results may refused to correction of, deserve timely report about sector law disposal. Decoration decoration businesses against residential interior decoration of management service agreements, tracing for breach of contract.

18th on receipt of management units on the decoration people contrary to the behaviour of this method of decoration enterprises report, you should promptly to the field inspection verification, prosecuted.


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