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Basic principles of Interior design

1.   Interior design to meet the functional requirements of  

indoor design is to created good of indoor space environment for purposes, put meet people in indoor for production, and life, and work, and rest of requirements placed first, so in indoor design Shi to full consider using function requirements, makes indoor environment rationalization, and comfortable of, and scientific; to consider people of activities law processing good space relationship, space size, space proportion; reasonable configuration furnishings and furniture, properly solution indoor ventilation, lighting and lighting, note indoor tones of general effect.  

2.   Interior design to meet the spirit of function  

in considering the use of the functional requirements of Interior design at the same time, you must also consider the spirit of functional requirements (infection visually reflect the feelings, art, etc). Spirit of Interior design is to influence people's feelings, and even affects people's will and action, so people know the characteristics and laws; study the human emotion and will study the interaction between people and the environment. Designers use a variety of theories and methods to impact a person's emotions, its distillation to achieve the desired result. Indoor environments can highlight shows that an idea and mood, then it will produce a strong artistic appeal and better play its role in mental function.  

3.   Interior design to meet the technical requirements of modern  

innovation of architectural space and structure model of innovation are closely linked, should be made to harmonize the two, fully consider the structure of Sino-US image, art and technology come together. This type of structure requires interior designers must have the necessary knowledge, familiar with and master the properties and characteristics of structural system. Modern interior design, in the category of modern science and technology, to make the interior design to better meet the requirements of mental function, it is necessary to maximize the use of the latest achievements of modern science and technology.  

4.   Interior design must conform to the regional and national style  

due to differences in the region, geographic and climatic conditions, lifestyle and cultural traditions of all ethnic groups are not the same, there is a great deal of difference in architectural styles. China is a multi-ethnic country, national character, national character, customs, and cultural differences, the interior design is also different. Designed to have different styles and characteristics. Should reflect the ethnic and regional characteristics to raise national pride  

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