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Construction method of furniture

Construction methods of wooden base paints, is a very sophisticated construction techniques, it has common finishing techniques, grinding back (also known as wax grams) finishing technology and other techniques. Wall wood decoration parts, including: wood retaining walls, Dado, wooden partitions, mubogu rack, wood molding, trim, cheese boards, the paint solvent, solvent paints, and so on. According to decorative requirements, coating characteristics and the decorative parts, according to the construction the construction process, each process has a specific construction method.


wooden base construction method of mixing color paint

construction steps  :

1. base treatment: wood wool, wood surface edges above first sandpaper, grinding line following surfacing, to shun the grain grinding, as there is little live warping, heavy leather can be embedded in rubber cement. In knots and grease stains, paint brush with alcohol.

2. Brush oil: the oil can add pigment color to avoid missing brush. Brushing order: from the outside in, from left to right, from top to bottom, along the wood grain painting.

3. clean the PuTTY: the PuTTY for gypsum PuTTY. PuTTY should not neither soft nor hard, honeycomb, pick No. Shaving should be horizontal when erect, PuTTY scraping the nail holes and cracks. If the crack is large, Horn-Board will be filled with PuTTY of cracks. PuTTY scraping the surface, no residue.

4. sanding: use first sanding. Grinding should be careful not to wear coating and protection of edges and corners. Mill finished later wipe clean with a damp cloth, for higher quality requirements, increase the number of PuTTY and sanding.

5. brush the first thick paint: modulation good thick paint brush again. Its construction order and oil brush base construction in the same order. It should be noted that the consistency of thick paint to achieve the cap bottom is subject, does not run, no brush marks. Brushing should be uniform thickness.

thick paint dry, PuTTY at the end of contraction or incomplete, and gypsum PuTTY scraping again. After the PuTTY to dry, sanded down.


brush a second thick paint: construction method of thick paint brushing twice and the first time the same.  

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