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Flooring wood joist installation acceptance

  1, fit test if the specifications of the wooden keel design request (General best not less than 2 cm X3 cm)   

2, test if the wood joist spacing request to match wood floor installation (each floor on Board at least two keels);   

3, test if the wooden keel loose sight (can step on a foot);   

4, can check the wood joist solid formation (2 meters on foot can);   

5, testing the wooden keel and ground clearance could use wooden wedges instead of using a piece of wood inserted mat;   

6, testing the fixed length of the wood joist using nails if I could meet the request of the temporary use of, and does not display the loose picture;   

7, requests for inspection of high-grade equipment can fit design;   

8, check the wooden keel with border wall could leave expansion gaps (to prevent damp deformation).   

reminder: some people think that wood floors easily shows deformation and life relatively low, however, fit the following acceptance, life would be greatly enhanced.  

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