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Some of the paint in construction

Should pay attention to the quality of  

1.   missing brush: missed area generally occurs in the Windows and doors of upper and bottom rail and hinge facet as well as door and window frames, corner strip of the top, bottom and inside of the closet door. Doors installed are the main reasons the Oilers and wood they do not match, so usually the bottom rail does not paint the doors installed, management is not in place, often with a small brush oil again. Other leakage brush problem is the operator to be taken seriously.  

2.   lack of PuTTY, sanded: more commonly occurs in hinge slots, upper, middle and lower head, rabbet and nail holes, cracks, knots and torn edges, and so on. Main reason is due to the operation was not carefully follow process to operate.  

pendant, wrap cord 3.   flow: mainly for two reasons: first, because the paint is too thin, the film is too thick or high ambient temperature, paints dry slow cause flow pendant, wrap cord. Second, because the order of operations and practices, especially the door edge separations, for example oil and does not notice it tends to cause a flow operation pendant, wrap cord.  

4.   brush pattern clear: mainly painting small or painting is not due to open brush hair hard. Apply appropriate brush and soft brush thinner after use.  

5.   rough: the main reason is the grass-roots level are not clean, impurities in the paint or dusty construction, resulting in paint surface is often rough. Should pay attention to wipe clean with a damp cloth, paint to Romania, do not brush when cleaning or when the wind brush oil.  

6.   wrinkle: mainly paint quality is not good, against Union with uneven, solvent or too many driers and other causes.  

7.   metal pollution: prevention of metal pollution in addition to operating fine, after appropriate locks, handles, latches and other hardware installed (but you can lock hole locations and drill), ensure that the clean and beautiful.

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