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Wall ceiling scraping PuTTY for acceptance

&Nbsp;     1, test if the PuTTY look dry (dry PuTTY does not, if painted, ready to display the cracking scene);   

2, test if the PuTTY exterior cracks (shown cracks must be timely disposed);   

3, test if the PuTTY look flat;   

4, test if the PuTTY outside lubricated;   

5, testing the walls and walls, between the wall and the ceiling can transfer straight;   

6, testing wall with wood between the boundary is not clear picture (if PuTTY hanging on the wood products by workers, will affect the quality of appearance wood products).   

reminder: the construction quality of wall surface PuTTY displays the Issue (problem) would affect the construction of paint together, will also affect the future use of the consumer.  

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