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What's the best seasonal decoration

A lot of people think autumn is best for home improvement, because the dry air in the fall, the temperature is not high, more conducive to ensure quality, the idea of truth. However, the construction quality of decoration are not decided by the season, design, construction technology, management methods, the quality of workers, and so on is the key to quality. Different season, construction techniques should be adjusted in order to adapt to the changing of the seasons. When paint and hardener should add less in summer, autumn can give some thinner winter you should add some stabilizer, so as to ensure construction quality of paint. Such as wood flooring construction, summer demand gap between the plate and the plate to set aside smaller winter the gap between the plate and the plate is required to leave a larger, so as to meet the requirement of thermal expansion and contraction of the floor. Home improvement today, is no longer limited by the season, any season you can decorate. Conversely, even if a lot of people think the most suitable home in the fall, if not design, technology, management, quality as a powerful protection for workers, expect to get good quality home improvement, it is impossible.

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