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Wood products Clear Color paint process

1)    base treatment: first of all the wood products to primary surface dust, dirt, oil, grease, spots and plastic signs with a scraper or broken glass scraped clean. Take care not to scrape burrs don't cut grey wall surface, then 1 sandpaper along the wood grain grinding, grinding angle, grind after four planes, until smooth.  

when warping the base there is a small block of wood products, tore the knife. Place of examination-oriented gum with small nails firmly as larger or have burnt printed scar, carpentry repair.  


2)    full scraping greasy child: PuTTY of weight tie than for gypsum powder 20, cooked Tung oil 7, water amount (weight than), and added pigment adjustable into gypsum color PuTTY (color shallow Yu model 1-2 color), to note PuTTY oily not had big or had small, as oily big, brush Shi easily immersion wood quality within, as oily small, is easy drill into wood quality within, such brush of oil color easily uniform, color cannot consistent. The PuTTY scraping with a knife or horn plates into the nail holes, cracks and pinholes. Spatulation to cross when blowing up, such as seams or knots is large, axe, Horn plate sewed PuTTY into, and then scrape. PuTTY must be shaved, leaving wild PuTTY. After the PuTTY to dry, lightly with 1 sandpaper along the wood grain polished, angle grinding, cutting, and grinding after four planes to protect the edges, polished to smooth. After polishing with a dry cloth to clean it under ground powder.  

3)    brush oil color. First lead oil (or Matt), gasoline, light oil, edible vegetable oil mixed with ROM (same color), and pour in a little oil drums which are used often mixing to avoid precipitation resulting in different colors.  

brush oil color Shi, from outside to within, and from left to right, and from Shang to Xia for, along wood lines brushing, brush wood products Shi shall not pollution wall surface, brush to joint at to Ethereal, reached color consistent; for oil color dry more fast, so brush oil color Shi action should agile, requirements no wisp of no section, cross flat vertical, Shun oil Shi brush to Ethereal, avoid out brush lock.  

oil color paint and asked the luster of wood, but do not cover the wood grain, so each must be a good brush brush surface, leaving no joints, two oil-Brushed finish handover edges do not touch each other, wipe off the oil time after, to same color.  




  brush the first varnish:  

a.   brush varnish: brush method and brush oil color, brush first with lacquer thinner should be slightly (gasoline) evacuated, easy and quick-drying. Varnish viscous large is best used with the old brush brush, brush to the attention does not flow, size, coating evenly. Varnish after completely dry, sanding thoroughly with 1 or the old sandpaper again, will head light sanding on the varnish off, then wipe clean with a dry cloth to dust.  

repair PuTTY b.  : brush oil color, you can't put PuTTY will normally be required, under special circumstances, you can use the oil slightly coloured gypsum PuTTY, repair of incomplete, operation must use the Horn blowing, not damage film, PuTTY will close shave, smooth the PuTTY scar (SCAR PuTTY must be painted).  

c.   repair color: wood surface Shang of spots, and section scar, and PuTTY SCAR and material color inconsistent at, application paint tablets, and alcohol added tones distribution (color also Board color) or with by shallow to deep paint than tones collection paint (lead oil) and diluted agent deployment, for repair color; material color deep of should repair shallow, Zhu of mention deep, will shades color of wood spell into color, and show wood lines.  

d.   matte: using a fine Emery paper lightly between Polish, then wipe clean with a dry cloth to powder.  


e)    second varnish brush: the original bucket of varnish should be used without diluent (may be slightly drier in winter), brush oil moves quickly, brush, full coat of varnish, not stream does not fall, not lit evenly, brush and then check it again, there is something wrong with correct. When you brush the varnish, operating environment should be clean and should be temporarily closed to traffic, and finally, wooden doors and Windows use the hook or use wood wedges fixed firmly.  

f)    brush again varnish: second varnish dry after the first Polish, then water, and brush again varnish

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